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3 Manufacturers Offering PDH credits for HVAC Engineers in 2021

June 26, 2021

Earning PDH credits can sometimes be a challenge.  Now that we're in the back half of the year, the pressure is starting to be on to earn the credits you need to keep your PE designation.  On the other hand, we have newbie engineers fresh out of the university who need to learn more about the nuts and bolts of designing HVAC system to complement the principles they've learned while earning their degrees.  While in-person PDH seminars should start cropping up in the fall, we've got several manufacturers who are focused on getting concepts in front of engineers and offering PDH credits to boot.

These manufacturers are doing a great job with continual learning for engineers:

Price Industries

Price offers several digital methods for engineers to earn a whopping 140+ credits at no cost.

  • With the Engineer's HVAC Handbook, you can earn 66.5 PDH credits.  Read a chapter and take an online quiz.  There are 21 chapters covering relevant topics for commercial HVAC design engineers.  Get your handbook here.
  • Price offers more than 60 archived webinars on a wide range of both engineering and architectural seminars. Each topic is conveniently summarized before you view and are filtered by either engineering or architectural. To see the series options, click here.
  • Price also offers live webinars with the ability to ask questions of the presenters.  After the webinar airs live, it is then archived for viewing later. On August 3 and 4, Price will offer Chilled Beam Systems and Control Strategies.  Later webinars in September include Building System Design: Zoning Solutions with VAV Diffusers.  In November, they are offering HVAC Building Acoustical Ratings and Terminology.  Click here to learn more and to register.

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Greenheck also offers a variety of PDH opportunities, including online credits for completing Fan Fundamentals 1.1, 1.2, Accessories, Motors, and Bearings.  Additionally, Greenheck University is currently being offered online for engineers with plans to host HVAC University on-site at Greenheck's Schofield, WI campus. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-26 at 3.52.40 PMRuskin Webinars

On the second Wednesday of every month at 3:30PM for a discussion of HVAC topics which may qualify for credits.  Topics include Louver Selection, Safety Damper Installations, Airflow Considerations and more.

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Daikin Applied

The benefit of continual learning cannot be overstated in our industry.  While Daikin Applied training courses may not offer PDH credits, they can be an extremely valuable opportunity for heating, ventilating and air conditioning professionals, owners, operators, contractors, service technicians, building and systems engineers, designers, distributors, sales reps, and internal employees.

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Whatever your training needs, manufacturers are stepping up to provide PDH credits and other training opportunities to ensure that engineers, building owners, and others in the industry understand the complex systems behind every commercial HVAC system.  Hoffman & Hoffman will begin to offer PDH seminars for engineers in-person again soon.  Stay tuned...



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Kelly Patterson

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