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Maximizing Efficiency and Comfort: The Price Ultrasuite for Hospital Operating Rooms

May 20, 2024

Efficiency and performance are paramount in healthcare facilities, especially in critical environments like hospital operating rooms. Surgeons need effective lighting and proper air distribution to perform their jobs, and ceiling space is prime real estate in the OR. The Price Ultrasuite offers a cutting-edge solution that combines air distribution and lighting, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of modern healthcare facilities. The distinctive features and benefits of the Ultrasuite are a game-changer for healthcare engineers. 

Space Optimization and Enhanced Lighting 

One of the key challenges in operating room design is the increasing amount of equipment requiring ceiling space. The Ultrasuite addresses this by incorporating high-performance LED lighting directly within the laminar flow diffusers, significantly reducing the HVAC footprint in the ceiling.  

This innovative approach not only saves valuable space but also enhances the lighting quality above the operating table. 

Tailored Lighting Solutions for Modern Healthcare 

As minimally invasive surgery becomes more prevalent, the need for high-quality, flexible lighting solutions is more important than ever. The Price Ultrasuite offers various lighting color temperatures, flexible dimming control, and integrated green lighting, meeting the unique requirements of modern healthcare facilities. The option for green lighting improves visibility of flat panel displays for surgeons, enhancing images while eliminating glare on monitors. 

Lighting at the surgical table is optimized with the Ultrasuite positioned directly above the patient, reducing shadows within the surgical zone. The system's optimized baffle geometry ensures consistent brightness, enhancing aesthetics and architectural appeal. Unlike conventional systems that require high luminous intensity, the Ultrasuite provides even lighting with low luminous intensity, improving ocular comfort and reducing glare on monitors. 

Unmatched Airflow Efficiency 

The Ultrasuite's highly engineered dispersion baffle and translucent polymer perforated face ensure even distribution of airflow within each diffuser module. This uniform, unidirectional laminar airflow prevents the entrainment of room air, ensuring a particulate-free surgical zone. The system's single large diffuser design, with a 12-inch low profile common plenum, allows for customizable layouts to suit any equipment configuration. 

Ease of Installation and Maintenance 

With its low-profile design, the Ultrasuite is easy to install in crowded ceiling spaces, making it suitable for both new construction and retrofit projects. The system ships in large, factory-assembled sections to minimize installation time, with closed-cell gasketed joints ensuring an effective seal between modules. Integrated balancing dampers and optional room-side replaceable HEPA filters, along with factory-installed and wired lighting, make setup and commissioning simple and efficient. 

Meeting ASHRAE Standards with Ease 

The Ultrasuite meets all ASHRAE 170 requirements for cleanability, with flush-mounted, stainless steel hardware securing the removable diffuser face. The integrated LED lighting is IP67 rated, effectively sealing out dust and liquid disinfectants. The control enclosure, located in a nearby mechanical room, houses the LED drivers for easy maintenance and replacement, streamlining maintenance compared to traditional systems. 


Price Ultrasuite is a revolutionary air distribution and lighting solution designed to enhance efficiency, performance, and comfort in hospital operating rooms. Its innovative design, coupled with its ease of installation and maintenance, makes it the ideal choice for healthcare engineers looking to optimize critical environments. 

Contact a Hoffman & Hoffman sales engineer today to learn more about Price Ultrasuite and more HVAC solutions for your hospital or healthcare facility. Our goal is to optimize the efficiency of your HVAC system, make your occupants comfortable, and reduce your energy costs. 

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Ally O'Reilly

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