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5 COVID-19 Response Case Studies from Ruskin

April 21, 2020

shutterstock_1675490332The HVAC industry is staying on the tip of their toes 24/7 across the country trying to help in any way they can during these difficult times. There are temporary hospitals, hospital expansions and laboratories that either need some type of equipment or need quick maintenance. Many times, these requests are urgent, and it is crucial they are accomplished safely and on time.

One of our manufacturers, Ruskin®, has outlined their COVID-19 Response through five case studies. These case studies shine light on just how important it is for our industry to be able to react quickly and keep moving. Ruskin has eight manufacturing centers across North America, and, ALL remain fully operational. With representatives like Hoffman & Hoffman, Inc., they can meet the critical delivery requirements that are needed right now, and they are doing so safely. All of Ruskin’s facilities are diligently following the CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of their employees.

Ruskin’s COVID-19 Response Case Studies: 

Life Safety for COVID-19 Treatment Center in Chicago, IL
Ruskin rep Air Products Equipment ordered six model DIBD20 UL555 classified dynamic curtain fire dampers. These dampers were vital for life safety within a COVID-19 treatment center in Chicago. The order was placed at 4:00 pm and the Lexington plant shipped the next morning!

Urgent Hospital Expansion in Jacksonville, FL
Ruskin rep Tom Barrow Co. was working on an urgent hospital expansion project in Jacksonville, FL needing combination fire and smoke dampers for life safety! They ordered nine dampers at 9:00 am on April 9th and Ruskin® shipped the dampers that afternoon on air freight to be installed on April 10th! The dampers were Ruskin® model FSD60 and included 24-volt actuators, 20” long sleeves, position indication switches, and 1-sided FAST mounting angles, and six of the dampers were large, multi-section assemblies!

Monitoring Pressurized Rooms in Rural Colorado
Ruskin Rep Long Building Technologies needed airflow measurement for a COVID-19 hospital expansion project in Colorado. Two TPD05K airflow probes and four AMP002 airflow probes were ordered on April 7th and shipped April 10th. These products are a key piece in monitoring pressurized rooms used amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

Containment Needed in Laboratory in Baton Rouge, LA
Ruskin rep CIS needed to support new laboratories in Louisiana. Bubbletight dampers were needed to provide containment for new testing areas as part of their expansion. Six model BTO82 industrial bubbletight dampers were expedited by Ruskin’s Geneva plant for delivery required by April 9th.

Temporary COVID-19 Hospital Required Volume Control in Providence, RI
Ruskin rep Air Distribution Corp. was working on a temporary COVID-19 Hospital in Rhode Island, where a CDR25 commercial volume control damper was needed fast. Ruskin® took the order late in the day on April 14th and shipped it the next morning of April 15th!

We are so proud to be associated with manufacturers like Ruskin who respond to critical HVAC needs  with immediate and innovative solutions in the middle of crisis situations.  If you need more information about Ruskin products, please contact your local HVAC manufacturer’s rep.


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