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Benefits of a Fiberglass Duct System

November 22, 2022

Building HVAC systems are like the lungs of a person – they remove stale contaminated air from spaces and replace it with fresh, clean air. HVAC ductwork is the conduit that carries this air throughout the building.

It is essential to have the right ductwork in place when installing a heating and cooling system. Although ductwork is often hidden behind walls, under floors, or inside ceilings, we need to be more vigilant about the material used in ducts since it has a major impact on indoor comfort. When it comes to ductwork, sheet metal, fiberboard, fiberglass, and flexible ducts are the most used materials. This blog post will provide an in-depth look at the benefits of fiberglass ducts and how they can benefit your next building project.

One of the most notable advantages of fiberglass is that it reduces HVAC system noise. The dampened sound benefit makes fiberglass ducting popular in office and commercial buildings. Because they have a well-insulated lining, fiberglass ducting reduces heat loss as it travels through the system. Fiberglass ductwork is engineered to be lightweight without sacrificing strength. Because of their lightweight, fiberglass ducts are easier to install, resulting in a faster, safer installation process.

Fiberglass is inorganic and, therefore, does not support mold growth or act as a nutrient for mold growth. The installation of fiberglass ducting, in combination with an efficient HVAC system, can have a significant impact on improving indoor air quality (IAQ).

Hoffman & Hoffman is proud to represent Perry Fiberglass Products, Inc. in providing our customers with quality engineered fiberglass products. Perry Fiberglass specializes in designing and manufacturing fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) ductwork, dampers, piping, stacks, and other FRP components.

Perry Fiberglass FRP duct is filament wound with glass and resins and formulated for each specific application. Their ductwork has superior resistance to corrosion and leakage.

To learn more about fiberglass duct systems or to inquire about a turn-key Perry Fiberglass system for your next project, connect with a sales engineer today!

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Laiken Kuykendall

Laiken Kuykendall

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