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Energy Recovery Ventilators

August 6, 2020

Did you know that it is possible to recover energy from HVAC equipment ventilating a space?


Greenheck states that an energy recovery ventilator (ERV)  consists of a supply fan, exhaust fan, and an energy recovery device. The ERV takes spent/stale conditioned air from the indoor space, passes it through an energy recovery device, and then pre-conditions the incoming fresh outdoor air. These devices transfer both sensible (heat) and latent (moisture) energy, which helps reduce the mechanical heating and cooling loads of a building. It also reduces energy consumption and the size of equipment required.  

To meet the regulations to be considered an energy recovery system, your system must have an enthalpy recovery ratio (ERR) greater than 50%. The ERR is a change in total heat of the outdoor (supply) air and the difference between the total heat of outdoor air and indoor (exhaust) air, according to design specifications. This information can help you select the type of equipment needed for energy recovery on your project. 

3 Common Devices: 


1. Fiber membrane energy core  

  • Manufactured using a paper-like composite, referred to as a resin. This resin transfers heat and moisture directly through the material.
  • Fiber cores can be surface cleaned using a vacuum, allowing for quick maintenance and less labor.
  • Peak ERR of 60%

2. Polymer membrane energy core

  • Manufactured from corrugated aluminum sheets with layers of a plastic polymer substrate. The aluminum transfers the heat while the polymer substrate transfers the moisture.
  • Polymer cores are washable and offer a more in-depth clean.
  • ERR peaks at 65%
  • Up to 15% more airflow capacity. 

3. Polymer energy wheel 
  • Lightweight design, thin profile, and segmented wheel construction. These wheels are manufactured using a polymer wrap, impregnated with a desiccant that transfers both heat and moisture.
  • Polymer wheels rotate through exhaust and supply airstream using a motor/pulley system.
  • Polymer energy wheels are washable for thorough cleaning.
  • ERR up to 80% 


For additional information and questions, reach out to your local salesperson. 

Content and image from Greenheck 

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