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Smart Shield Water Treatment Systems for Cooling Towers

July 8, 2020

Cooling towers are a vital part of removing heat from a commercial building, whether it be an important piece of the commercial HVAC system or for industrial processes.  Building owners are keen to ensure both the efficiency and the longevity of these systems.  Often, this means selecting some type of cooling tower water treatment system to prevent organic growth, scaling and corrosion, all of which can wreak havoc on even the very best HVAC system.

Smart Shield, by Evapco, is a complete and reliable water treatment system for open cooling towers. 

What is Smart Shield?

Smart Shield is a solid chemistry water treatment system, which avoids the inherent issues associated with liquid chemicals. Smart Shield is the first and only solid chemistry water treatment package engineered to arrive installed on your closed-circuit cooler or evaporative condenser. This controlled release solid chemistry system provides the easiest, safest, and most sustainable chemical water treatment system currently available factory mounted.


Benefits of Smart Shield Water Treatment System:

  • Easiest startup and commission in the industry
  • Controlled Release and Monitored Release cycles
  • Modular design to simplify installation and minimize the floor space required in the mechanical room for water treatment
  • Solid chemistry utilized by the Smart Shield systems eliminate the potential for liquid spills
  • Reduces shipping, handling and storage weight of chemicals by up to 80%
  • Safe chemistry handling via specialized packaging

Controlled Release and Monitored Release:

Smart Shield Controlled Release System uses controlled release chemistry to provide uniform treatment over a 30 day period of wet operation. This system is designed for smaller systems and those with lower inhibitor chemistry demand. Evapco states that whenever the system’s condenser pump is in operation, recirculated water flows through the feeders coming in contact with the solid, polymer coated, chemistry, and then treated water is returned to the pump suction. This supports consistent treatment whenever the cooling equipment is operating.

Smart Shield Monitored Release System is designed for larger systems and those with higher inhibitor chemistry demand. It uses an advanced inhibitor probe to automatically monitor and maintain precise inhibitor residual throughout the evaporative cooling water application. Evapco states that using the controller that is included with the package, the Monitored Release System automatically determines the amount of chemistry in the condenser water and ensures continually precise control, even as the system’s thermal load fluctuates.

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