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Munters is offering remote assistance

April 22, 2020

Munters is a global leader in energy-efficient and sustainable air treatment solutions for industrial applications and agriculture sectors. Their high customer satisfaction scores are driven by their ability to keep customers equipment operating effectively and their exceptional service. Just because the world may look a bit different, doesn't mean their service does!

What is remote assistance and can it be effective for HVAC equipment users?

Remote assistance is a tool that allows a company to service their customers remotely in real-time. Two users can collaborate while telestrating (using a device that allows you to draw a freehand sketch over an image or video), freezing images, using hand gestures and adding real objects into the merged reality environment. 

Why is remote assistance valuable for building owners?

  • Remote customer support and resolution. You no longer have to set an appointment and wait for a technician to arrive at your building; this immediate connection allows you to receive the support you need within the time-frame you want. 
  • Faster installation process. It can often take one to two visits before initial installation of equipment; having an option to conduct these visits virtually will significantly improve Munters' efficiency. Which means better results for you!
  • Remote diagnosis to increase first-time fix. Having the capability to analyze your equipment virtually will reduce the amount of onsite technician visits, which means more time saved for you.
  • Guaranteed service. Having confidence that you will receive the service you need no matter what is important. During these unprecedented times, that is not always a luxury we have. But Munters guarantees customer access in 22 countries through remote assistance.

Munters explains that evaluation of remote assistance tools had already been underway before the Coronavirus pandemic. But the level of urgency increased and they immediately partnered with IFS. Within the next few days Munters Remote Assist is being rolled out to more than 200 staff across 22 countries. This will allow all Munters employees to support customers from anywhere!

Contact your local sales rep to learn more.

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