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3 Quick Tips About Ruskin’s Stationary Louvers

May 15, 2020

ruskin stationary louversVentilation in any building is crucial, but how do you get air from the outside without all the other things that might come along with it? That’s where louvers come in. The purpose of a louver is to protect the ventilation system from water infiltration, debris, and wind, allowing air to come in while keeping everything else out.  Ruskin has really conquered the idea of the louver, and they make it look good, too!

Here are 3 quick tips about Ruskin’s stationary louvers:  

  1. According to Ruskin, stationary louvers are the most common subcategory of louvers used. This is likely due to the never-ending number of models available.
    • These models include both drainable and non-drainable options.
      • The drainable models are better in guiding moisture away from the area behind the louver and the non-drainable models are typically used for projects with an emphasis on architectural aesthetics.
    • These models are also available in aluminum and steel options.
  2. Stationary louvers are characterized by having fixed blades.
    • This is the one big difference between louvers and dampers. Louvers have blades that are unable to move, while dampers can control air flow with their moveable blades.
  3. The four components that make up stationary louvers are the head, blade, jamb, and sill.
    • On the drainable models, the head collects and removes water for excellent water penetration performance. There are also downspouts in the jambs to drain water.


These stationary louvers are structurally sound, but they also provide architectural style. Ruskin offers a variety of different models, sizes and paint finishes to complete any building design desired. With years of experience and custom options, Ruskin has made these simple louvers into viable architectural solutions to fit any building design. You can view their architectural gallery, here.


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Blog content and image source: Ruskin

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