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Air Handlers For Tight Spaces

November 4, 2020

The main purpose of an Air Handling Unit (AHU) is to condition and distribute air throughout a building in order to keep occupants comfortable and as healthy as possible. For many commercial HVAC projects, these AHUs tend to be pretty large due to the many features and options that come along with the AHU for optimal performanceBut, what if you still want to get the most out of your air handler, but lack the space?  

Our manufacturing partner, Daikin Applied, has the perfect solution. Daikin's PreciseLine® Air Handlers are currently the industry’s most compact air handlers. Not only do these AHUs have a compact footprint, but they also still efficiently condition air at precise levels up to 5000 cfm.    

Here are 8 reasons Daikin’s PreciseLine AHUs are the perfect solution when you are in a tight squeeze:  

  1. Indoor Air Quality: With microbial-resistant stainless steel drain pans and high-filtration MERV filter selections, air quality is drastically improved.  
  2. Quiet Operation: No need for distractions in any space. These AHUs have variable speed fans that provide the precise amount of cooling required and an optional low sound discharge plenum to minimize distractions.  
  3. Local Control: This allows for individual spaces to have a dedicated unit to meet specific space conditioning needs. 
  4. High Ventilation: The high ventilation conditioning with up to 8-rows of coils provides superior cooling comfort levels, even during the warmest, most humid days.  
  5. Energy Savings: The Variable speed direct drive fans increase building energy savings at light-load conditions while eliminating service and maintenance of belts and setscrews associated with belt of drive motors.  
  6. High Filtration: This captures greater amounts of microscopic particulate for more hygienic working conditions and healthier occupants.  
  7. Robust Construction: This features durable, thermally insulated, double-wall panel construction that keeps air at precise, comfortable temperature levels.  
  8. Complete System Solutions: Combine PreciseLine air handlers with Daikin Intelligent Systems® controls, BACnet® thermostats, and Daikin’s award-winning Pathfinder® air-cooled chiller to full tailor your commercial HVAC system for superior building performance and indoor air quality.  

If you are faced with tight space restrictions on your next commercial HVAC project, Daikin's PreciseLine Air Handlers are the way to go. Your building will have comfortable and clean air all year long, keeping building occupants healthy and happy!  

If you have any questions about Daikin PreciseLine Air Handling Units, contact your local sales rep! 

Click Here to Learn More About Daikin's PreciseLine AHUs


Image and Blog Content: Daikin Applied 

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