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3 Ways to Keep Your Warehouse Employees Warm this Winter

January 20, 2022
With winter in full swing, keeping warehouse employees warm and comfortable is a top priority for building owners. Maintaining a comfortable work environment ensures that productivity stays high while overhead costs stay low.  
  1. Crank that [heat]!
    • To start heating your warehouse, you’re going to need a quality commercial heater. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends employers keep the temperature between 68 and 78 degrees. Frigid temperatures outside mean that you’ll have to keep your indoor heaters running around the clock to maintain a comfortable work environment. Modine offers a variety of commercial gas-fired heating units that will help keep your employees warm.
    • If you’re unsure about what type of heater you need, check out this video! 

  2. We like to move it! Move it!
    • Move the air, that is. Even with industrial heaters constantly pumping in warm air, you’ll need some way to move that air around to make sure the entire warehouse is warm. Ceiling fans help with this problem by mixing the hot air that rises with the cold air near the floor to create the perfect temperature for your employees. Big Ass Fans uses expert technology to help regulate warehouse temperatures. The combination of heaters and ceiling fans ensures that you’re efficiently keeping your employees warm. Check out more behind the science of savings HERE.


    • But seriously, keeping loading doors closed as much as possible helps prevent heat loss. Keeping your warehouse doors closed all winter isn’t realistic, but there are solutions for keeping the heat inside while your loading doors are open. Powered Aire’s Gas-Fired Air Curtains help maintain your warehouse climate while also being cost-efficient. By blasting hot air over a threshold, these units create a barrier between cold winter air and the warm air inside.

Now you have a way to heat your warehouse, a way to circulate that heat, and a way to keep that heat inside! By implementing the tactics above, you’ll be able to guarantee the comfort of your warehouse employees all winter long.

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Allison Hamilton

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