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4 Ways to Live the Core Values of Your Employer

February 28, 2022

“Good values are like a magnet – they attract good people.”
-John Wooden 

In a 2020 study about employee engagement and experience, found that over 60% of surveyed participants found that a sense of belonging and work inspiration are the two most positive employee feelings about work.   

Forbes magazine interviewed Jeanine Stewart, senior consultant with the Neuroleadership Institute, in 2021. In her interview, she said, “Being surrounded by other human beings doesn’t guarantee a sense of belonging. Belonging actually has to do with identification as a member of a group and the higher quality interactions which come from that. It’s the interactions over time which are supportive of us as full, authentic human beings.”  

Why do we care about belonging? 
It’s about more than just having friends. The Forbes magazine article cited a study by MIT that found that we covet personal interaction in the same area of our brain which craves food.   Along the same vein, if we experience social exclusion, the pain region of our brains is activated.  A sense of belonging is a vital part of our human experience. It makes sense that we align ourselves with companies that have similar values to ourselves. 

Let’s talk about four ways we can live the core values of our employers! 

  1. Figure out what your company’s core values are.
    If a company isn’t talking about its culture or core values, that’s a bit of a red flag for me.  I want to work for a company that outlines exactly what their company is all about.  I want to know if they really care about employees.  Company values should be clearly stated on the company website or prominently in the employee handbook (preferably both).
  2. Write down the values. 
    Sometimes, it isn’t enough to know what the core values of your company are. Writing down the values and posting them somewhere you see them all the time can encourage you to think about your company’s core values and how you can positively contribute to your company’s work culture.
  3. Work with intention. 
    Once you understand what your company’s values are, think about them intentionally as you go about your work. For example, here at Hoffman & Hoffman, one of our values is to do the right thing. I say that out loud all the time and practice it every chance I get. Did I make a mistake? Well, doing the right thing means I own up to it. I think about our core values regularly and weave them into my daily work practices.
  4. Know when your values are out of alignment. 
    Not everyone shares the same values. And not every company will have values that coordinate with yours. Recognizing those feelings of misgivings or uneasiness when you think about your company’s core values may mean that you may not be completely in sync.  Take the opportunity to have a conversation with your manager or company leadership so that you can be sure that you’re understanding the intent behind stated core values. 

While all people are different, we all want to be a part of something bigger than we are.  Belonging matters to humans. Sharing similar values with the company you work for is a huge step toward belonging in the professional world. At the Hoffman family of companies, we state our core values and all work hard to live by them. As a 100% employee-owned company, we all take full ownership of who we are and the skills we bring to our jobs.  

How do we do it? 
Through our core values, of course! Be a positive force. Care about others. Do the right thing. Grow personally and professionally. And earn success. 

Have you thought about your core values and how they align with your company? If you’re looking for a place to belong, it could be with us.   

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Kelly Patterson

Kelly Patterson

Kelly Patterson is a lifelong learner and the marketing director at the Hoffman family of companies. There is nothing she likes more than talking about commercial HVAC systems and extraordinary customer service.

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