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5 Benefits of High Efficiency Filters in Food and Beverage Facilities

June 10, 2021

Are you looking for an effective and affordable solution to keeping your food and beverage facility safe, efficient, and comfortable for employees? Camfil’s ProSafe filters may be a great solution for you and your space. Every product in the ProSafe filters line was specifically designed for sensitive processes, including the food and beverage industry. These high-efficiency ProSafe filters can help create a better space for employees and ensure product safety by promoting proper airflow and decreasing airborne contaminants, all in a safe and healthy way. With a complete range of ProSafe filters, you can get the right high-efficiency air filtration for your space, no matter whether your facility is considered a “high-risk area” or “low care area,” Camfil has you covered.  

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Here are 5 benefits of having high-efficiency air filtration in the food and beverage industry from our friends at Camfil:  

  1. HELP COMPLY WITH FOOD SAFETY STANDARDS: Food safety standards are getting stricter every year and, while that is beneficial for consumers, it can be difficult to manage for building owners and facility teams. Luckily, with Camfil’s ProSafe filters, you can help ensure that your facility is consistently decreasing risk and holding up to even the toughest of standards.  
  2. GAIN OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY AND CUT PRODUCTION DOWNTIME/PRODUCT LOSS: Camfil filters increase indoor air quality while still running at optimal efficiency. This is because they are, according to Camfil, specifically designed to perform with a high capture efficiency while maintaining the proper airflow due to the filter’s low resistance.   
  3. PROTECT EMPLOYEE HEALTH: One of the most important reasons to ensure you have the right air filtration in your facility is to protect employee health. According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), indoor air quality has been linked toA picture containing text
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  4. CONTRIBUTE TO ENHANCED CUSTOMER FOOD EXPERIENCE: Because Camfil’s ProSafe filters are specifically designed for the food and beverage industry, the customer food experience is typically enhanced. Who wants to buy food produced and stored in a facility with dirty air? Absolutely no one. Camfil states: “Air filters act as a barrier between food and microbiological cross-contamination from mould, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, fine dusts from dry ingredients and odors.” This barrier is the difference between a good or a bad customer food experience.  
  5. MAXIMIZE PRODUCTION EXCELLENCE AND EXTEND PRODUCT SHELF LIFE: According to Camfil, without proper air filtration, food can easily be contaminated or even have a shorter shelf life. With high-efficiency filters, your facility has a greater chance of having proper air flow and reducing airborne contaminants – the perfect combination for product excellence.  

These benefits all sound pretty great, right? With high-efficiency air filtration in your food and beverage facility, you can focus on other things knowing that your employees are safe and comfortable, and your products are produced and kept in a healthy indoor air environment. Take care of your air with Camfil filters.  

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For any additional questions or to talk about the best high-efficiency filter options for your office, please contact your local Camfil representative. 


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