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5 Reasons to Love the Essence® Overhead Fan

June 17, 2020

There is no need to break the bank to have the proper air circulation in your commercial space. Big Ass Fans has the perfect budget-friendly commercial HVAC system solution for all your air circulation needs. Essence® by Big Ass Fans is an overhead fan that provides a customizable, quiet solution for any space, indoor or out.  With the many great features of this overhead fan, including year-round energy savings, the Essence can lead to savings as high as 30 percent, while still maintaining a comfortable atmosphere.


Here are 5 reason we love the Essence® overhead fan:

  1. Custom Packages: The Essence is available from 8-14 ft in diameter and can be used in indoor and outdoor commercial spaces. It is also available in custom color packages, which can be viewed with the Essence Designer.
  2. Easy Installation: These weigh less than 100 lbs. and have a standard universal mount compatible with most common ceiling structures.
  3. Gearless Direct Drive Motor: The gearless direct drive motor that makes the Essence fans run smoothly eliminates the need for a noisy gearbox, creating a quiet space with plenty of air movement.
  4. Added Options: Who doesn’t love convenience? If you want to make the most out of your Essence fan, you can add on one or all the available added options:
      • Wireless Wall Controls
      • SmartSense
      • Essence LED Lighting 
      • Factory-Certified Installation
  1. Energy Efficient: Having a Big Ass overhead fan in your space will lead to significant energy savings in your commercial HVAC system. You can turn your AC a few degrees higher in the summer due to the cooling effect from the fans. Then in the winter, the fan will work to push the heat down from the ceiling, helping your heater and therefore leading to savings.



Watch the video below to see the Essence in motion!



For any additional questions about Essence and more commercial HVAC system solutions, please contact one of our teammates at Hoffman Comfort Products at


Image source: Big Ass Fans

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