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5 Video Resources for Learning More about Commercial HVAC

June 28, 2021

The topic of commercial HVAC is broad, and it can be extremely complicated. Whether you are a seasoned HVAC expert in need of a refresher or a recent engineering graduate learning the basics, there are a ton of resources out there discussing both commercial HVAC basics and in-depth concepts. But sometimes it’s hard to know where to start!  

YouTube is one of the best platforms for ongoing learning, especially in the HVAC industry. Many of our manufacturers, like Price and Greenheck, offer YouTube channels filled with different HVAC basics and in-depth videos of certain products or applications. We have also found that there are some industry experts who have created channels specifically for teaching different HVAC concepts to others, like The Engineering Mindset. The Engineering Mindset has different playlists listed on their YouTube channel that you can choose based on what you are looking for. Whether you want an overview of the basics of HVAC, or you want to go in-depth about VAVs, these videos have you covered.  


Here is a quick list of video resources we have enjoyed for learning more about commercial HVAC:  

  1. Fundamentals of HVAC – Basics of HVAC: The Engineering Mindset
  2. VAV Variable Air Volume – HVAC Systems Basics: The Engineering Mindset 
  3. How a Chiller, Cooling Tower and Air Handling Unit Work Together: The Engineering Mindset 
  4. How Do Air Filters Work?: Science Showcase  
  5. How Chillers Work – Basics: The Engineering Mindset 


For any additional questions about commercial HVAC, please reach out to your local Hoffman & Hoffman salesperson! 


Click Here for More Commercial HVAC Video Resources


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