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5 Ways Commercial HVAC Systems Can Terrify You

October 29, 2020

Around this time of year, viewing of scary television shows and movies spikes. There is something about the Halloween season with its cooling temps and lurking ghosts that makes us want to get spooked. We’re jumping on the bandwagon because sometimes there is nothing scarier than a commercial HVAC system. #Truth.

Rust HVAC System PipesWe put our heads together to come up with the most blood-curdling things we can think of for commercial HVAC systems. This isn’t for children, so you should only read further if you’re brave enough to handle it.

  1. Inefficiencies.  When commercial HVAC systems get older or if they aren’t properly maintained, the system could experience inefficiencies that impact both system performance…and the bottom line. Horrifying, right?

  2. Crud.  Let’s face it: some people don’t maintain their HVAC systems the way they should. Heat exchangers can get clogged with dirt and dust. Filters can become ineffective if they’re not changed often enough or in industrial environments with excessive particulates. Air handlers can suffer from frayed fan belts, standing water, or even bird nests or rodent infestations. Ducts can leak or get dirty enough inside that the system could actually blow dirt into the environment. Now, THAT is scary.

  3. Aging systems. No one wants to replace some of the bigger, more expensive commercial HVAC equipment on their watch. It sometimes seems easier just to patch problems as they arise and keep equipment limping along instead of approving a large capital expenditure.  We all know that big budget line-items can be spine-chilling for even the bravest among us, but sometimes replacement is the best way to ensure that your commercial HVAC system runs most efficiently.

  4. Noises. Clangs, bangs and screeching are not only bothersome for building occupants, but the noises could be an indication that something is wrong with your system. Get a skilled technician in there right away to investigate the problem.

  5. HVAC equipment failure. This could be the most hair-raising problem of all. When HVAC systems fail, the problems that arise could range from anything to mild inconvenience to fatalities, depending on conditions outside like extreme cold weather. That’s a sinister problem and not one we ever want to face.

The bad news is that these commercial HVAC problems are real. The good news is that you don’t have to suffer through them alone. Contact your local manufacturer’s rep to talk about some not-so-scary remedies for these terrifying problems.

Happy Halloween!

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Kelly Patterson

Kelly Patterson

Kelly Patterson is a lifelong learner and the marketing director at the Hoffman family of companies. There is nothing she likes more than talking about commercial HVAC systems and extraordinary customer service.

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