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5 Water Treatment Systems From EVAPCO

April 23, 2020

Hoffman & Hoffman is proud to partner with manufacturers who value sustainability and are always innovating to find solutions to make life easier and more sustainable for you! Evapco offers five systems, including two patented water treatment systems, Smart Shield and Pulse-Pure, and has expanded its product offering to include a pre-treatment system focused on improving water efficiency.

Read below to discover some of the unique benefits and facts of each water treatment system Evapco offers.

1. Pass-Protect Passivation Solution

  • Evapco's two-step process includes a factory applied pre-treatment called Passiv-Assist, and field passivation service, which is tailored for each locations needs.
  • Passivation plan eliminates the need to feed white rust inhibitors for the life of the unit, by promoting the formation of a passive oxide layer.

2. Water Saver

  • Improves water efficiency.
  • Reduces blowdown and treatment chemicals sent to drain.

3. Pulse-Pure Water Treatment System

  • Complete water treatment system for your evaporative cooling equipment which reduces environmental impacts associated with production, shipping, handling and storage of chemicals.
  • Utilizes pulsed electrical fields.
  • Solves challenges like scaling, biological contaminates and corrosion.

4. Smart Shield Water Treatment System for Towers

  • Controlled release and monitored release cycles.
  • Modular design that simplifies installation and minimizes floor space required in mechanical room.
  • Reduces shipping, handling and storage weight of chemicals by up to 80%

5. Smart Shield Water Treatment System for Cooler and Condensers

  • Provides water treatment system specifically engineered and factory mounted, piped and wired on your evaporative condenser and closed circuit cooler.
  • Controlled release and monitored release cycles.
  • Utilizes solid chemistry which reduces packaging, shipping and handling compared to liquid products assuring a lower carbon footprint.

Click here for additional information on Evapco's environmentally-conscious water treatment systems.

Contact your local sales rep for more information.

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