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Greenheck Assists With Temporary Hospital

May 14, 2020

Greenheck Group is a global leader in the engineering and manufacture of HVAC equipment. During these times, they continue to support ongoing construction around the world. It is not unusual for Greenheck to provide their service to industries such as healthcare, but they recently finished a project with the healthcare industry that was quite unique!

Renown Regional Medical located in Reno, Nevada recognized the need for patient isolation rooms as there were already 1,000 cases of COVID-19 in their county. Preparing for existing patients and for the potential increase in patients, Renown was challenged to think outside of the box. The solution for the lack of space was to turn their two-story parking garage on Mill street, into a care facility with 1,400 beds.

Renown contacted Greenheck and expressed their urgent need for heating and air conditioning for their temporary isolation rooms, and Greenheck responded. In less than two weeks the two-story, open parking garage was closed in, sealed, and converted into an operating hospital facility. Greenheck was able to have the necessary heating and air conditioning and air movement equipment shipped in days, so that the requirements were met to make this a proper hospital facility.

Anthony Rossi, Vice President of Marketing at Greenheck, said, “You want to keep the air space contained there, so it doesn’t contaminate others in the area around it, but you also want to have sufficient air movement. Bringing in fresh outside air that is filtered and conditioned into the space and then exhausting that out.” Greenheck understands the importance of clean air and how this can support the recovery of patients. The makeup air units used were fitted with filters that were specified by the hospital to filter out the air to meet the quality requirements. Higher efficiencies filter out particulate, bacteria and viruses, making sure the freshest air possible is provided to support a quick and full recovery.

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