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Greenheck's Commitment to Indoor Air Quality

April 22, 2021

One of the things we are particularly proud of at Hoffman & Hoffman is that we work with some of the most innovative and customer-focused manufacturing companies on the planet.  Greenheck has been around as long as we have:  since 1947.  And, like us, they are committed to bringing comfort to people in the facilities that we also serve:  schools, universities, hospitals, office buildings, and any other place where humans live and work. 

It is true that, until the advent of conditioned air, people tended to live more out of doors.  In medieval times, stone castles often had shutters, oiled cloths or nothing at all covering windows, allowing fresh air from outdoors inside. A May 2020 article from Fast Company noted studies found people currently spend about 90% of their time indoors in North America and Europe.  They said to take your age and multiply it by 0.9 and that is your "indoor age."  For me, that means I've spent 45 years indoors.  That number is a large one and makes me more grateful for companies like Greenheck, focused on innovating better solutions to improve the air I breathe inside.

Our bodies need fresh air indoors.  Greenheck takes the responsibility and commitment of indoor air quality seriously and have spent the last 70+ years focusing on how to bring that fresh indoor air inside while removing pollutants to benefit the health and safety of building occupants.

I encourage you to take a look at this video Greenheck released recently about their commitment to improving our lives indoors.  At the very least, it will make you aware about the lengths our manufacturing partners go to in producing commercial HVAC equipment.  Or, it could change the way you see indoor air quality as a whole.  Either way, it's a few minutes well spent.  If you have questions about Greenheck products or any of our other HVAC partners and solutions, please reach out today.

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Kelly Patterson

Kelly Patterson

Kelly Patterson is a lifelong learner and the marketing director at the Hoffman family of companies. There is nothing she likes more than talking about commercial HVAC systems and extraordinary customer service.

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