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Greenheck’s SP-AP Ceiling Exhaust Fan

October 2, 2020

Within the last year, Greenheck introduced their newest model in their SP commercial ceiling exhaust fan line. If you haven’t heard, the modular SP-AP fan offers exceptional versatility and energy efficiency! The ceiling fans are direct drive models that have forward-curved wheels for low sound and high efficiency. These fans are suitable for clean air applications, such as bathroom, storage room, or office exhaust fans. Fan features allow for improved performance in a variety of commercial HVAC installations, improved indoor air quality, and the elimination of issues during test and balance.  

Model SP-AP Unique Features: 

  • Features a virtually silent electronically commutated (EC) motor 
  • Two-speed capable ceiling exhaust fan (commonly known as whole house) helps comply with ASHRAE 62.2, WSEC, and CAL Title 24 requirements 
  • Low speed runs continually, while high speed triggers on with the modular sensors (50, 80 or 110 cfm) 
  • Tier duct adapter which slides off the fan for easy install 
  • Compatible with 4 optional types of sensors:  
  1. Humidity Sensor
  2. Motion Sensor
  3. Night Light
  4. CO2 Sensor 
  • Comes with expandable suspension bracket 
  • 4 adjustable options: high CFM selection switch, low CFM selection dial, time delay dial, air trimming dial 
  • Has 3 integrative connections 
  • Units come in lighted and no light configurations 


  • Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) 
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified 

Watch the informative video below to learn about the special features of the SP-AP ceiling exhaust fan, along with the most common installation method! 


Find out more about Model SP-AP

Content and images from Greenheck 


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