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Improve Air Quality in Schools with Displacement Ventilation

June 3, 2020

Air quality and operational efficiency of K-12 schools are always on the checklist of performance indicators for school design projects.  We want to ensure that our schools operate efficiently and effectively to keep kids healthy and comfortable while they learn.

Our friends at Price Industries have released another timely, informative blog post about leveraging displacement ventilation and displacement chilled beams, specifically targeted to school HVAC systems.

This blog post unpacks what it means to be a "High Performance School" as defined by the EPA along with outlining seven of the benefits of high performance air distribution in schools.

It outlines key differences in traditional mixing ventilation versus displacement ventilation

mixing ventilation vs. displacement ventilationPrice's blog also explores the impact of a displacement system on indoor environmental quality (IEQ).  According to the blog, displacement ventilation has shown significant improvements in indoor air quality (IAQ) in classrooms in a number of studies.

If you have questions about school system HVAC design or if you need help with project bids, please contact your local manufacturer's rep for assistance. 

Read the full Price Industries post here

Blog content and images directly from Price Industries

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