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Increase Airflow with the Clean Air System

August 13, 2020

Big Ass Fans has a new Big Idea. The innovative fan company has assembled a powerful collection of purpose-built products to help disinfect the air in every unique space. The products are designed to help protect occupants from airborne viruses and bacteria and create healthier and more comfortable conditions overall. They call it the Clean Air System.

Products available from the Clean Air System include:

  • AirEye with Ion Technology: This directional fan, with diameter options of 20, 24, and 30 inches, has a wide range of controls and mounting options. With hands-free control using the AirEye Occupancy Sensor (AEOS) the AirEye produces up to 50% more airflow with 50% greater efficiency than typical high-speed directional fans.

  • Haiku with UV-CScreen Shot 2020-08-13 at 11.41.32 AM: This ceiling-mounted fan has offers UV-C technology to kill viruses, bacteria, mold, and other harmful airborne agents passing through the disinfection zone. The UV-C technology is controlled by the Big Ass Fans mobile app by toggling to Clean Mode to activate or by using automated preference settings. The fixture has a soft blue LED light so you can know when the technology is cleaning your space.

  • Powerfoil X3.0 and Powerfoil D with Ion Technology: With diameter options from 8 to 24 feet, this fan is equipped with integrated ion technology and coming soon to the Big Ass Fans’ Clean Air System. The Powerfoil X3.0 offers a maintenance-free NitroSeal gearbox with the motor and drive rate IP43 (or an option IP55 motor for harsher environments). Additionally, the pre-wired VFD helps rid spaces of heat quickly and eliminates FRI and EMI noise. The direct-drive overhead fan Powerfoil D is built for harsh industrial conditions. It has a powerful Neodymium magnet motor and offers an IP66 rating for indoor or outdoor use. Both fans offer at least 10-year warranties.

The Clean Air System is useful for a wide variety of applications. To figure out the best equipment to help clean the air for your building occupants, you should consult with your local manufacturers’ representative.

Let’s keep working to improve indoor air quality for all of our buildings!

Yes, I'm interested in Haiku with UV-C technology


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Kelly Patterson

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