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Indoor Air Quality Improvements: Price Ceiling Air Purifier

June 14, 2022

Indoor air quality is one of the most important topics in commercial HVAC in 2022 and has been since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Building owners and engineers are working to improve indoor air quality as much as possible within the constraints of existing HVAC systems. However, most commercial HVAC systems were historically designed keeping cost and efficiency at top of mind with less attention to optimizing indoor air quality in most environments. While new buildings are taking IAQ into account as a critical component of a healthy operational air system, finding the right solution for existing systems is dependent on multiple factors like ease of installation, cost, and impact on the current system. 

Manufacturers like Price Industries are stepping up to offer new equipment designed to keep the same efficiency standards while improving indoor air quality to help building occupants stay safer. With this in mind, Price Industries has developed the new patent-pending ceiling air purifier (CAP). 

Designed to fit into a standard 2’ x 2’ ceiling grid in smaller spaces like classrooms, offices, restaurants, gyms, banks, healthcare offices, and more, the new ceiling air purifier is easy to install and offers air purification without any additional modifications to the existing HVAC system. 

The CAP offers air purification through filtration, bipolar ionization, and UV light to render airborne pathogens ineffective.  Features of the ceiling air purifier include a 3-speed motor, the choice of a HEPA or MERV13 filter, motion sensor, filter status light, and square plaque or square cone diffusers. 

Reviewing the performance data chart below shows that the CAP is well within the ranges of both the Harvard Healthy Buildings Strategy which recommends six air changes per hour for classrooms to maintain ideal air quality and ASHRAE’s recommendation of two air changes per hour (both dependent on square footage). 


Currently, the Price ceiling air purifier is undergoing third-party CADR testing for both HEPA and MERV13.  Additionally, the product is undergoing EPA live pathogen testing for an array of bacteria, mold, and viruses.   

For more information about the Price ceiling air purifier or any other equipment designed to improve indoor air quality, please contact your local Hoffman & Hoffman sales representative. 

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Kelly Patterson

Kelly Patterson

Kelly Patterson is a lifelong learner and the marketing director at the Hoffman family of companies. There is nothing she likes more than talking about commercial HVAC systems and extraordinary customer service.

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