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New Daikin Air Purifier: Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

May 13, 2021

Our manufacturing partner, Daikin Applied, is at it again! As a leading commercial HVAC company, Daikin Applied is continually creating, designing, and improving all of their innovative equipment for the benefit of building occupant health and comfort. This new product is no different.  

One of the most important things that has come to light in the past year is improving indoor air quality so that building occupants can feel comfortable, safe, and healthy. Daikin Applied has recently released their new Air Purifier, equipped with your choice of filtration efficiencies, such as MERV 13 and True HEPA filtration or even Ionization with the Economy model. This new, sleek piece of air filtration equipment can help reduce the risk of airborne infections in your commercial space, giving your building occupants peace of mind.  

Here are four things to know about the new Daikin Air Purifier:  

  1. There are premium and economy options available. All Premium models come in two capacity ranges: 300-900 CFM and 450-1325 CFM. All Economy models come in two capacity ranges: 350-900 CFM and 450-1375 CFM. Ionization technology can be included on Economy models. Talk with your local Daikin sales rep to discuss which commercial air filtration solution is right for you and your application.  
  2. The Daikin Air Purifier can deliver up to 900 CFM or 1325 CFM of filtered air for a given space. According to Daikin Applied, their Air Purifier effectively purifies air within its operating environment by recirculating air through its 2-Stage pre & post-filter technology. The air filtration system increases its purification effectiveness by using large capacity EC motors that can be adjusted to increase the amount of air that passes through the filters.  Daikin New Air Purifier
  3. It is designed for low-noise operation. Nobody wants a loud piece of equipment, especially when it’s placed in a heavily populated area. Daikin had that in mind when designing their Air Purifier. It uses cabinet insulation to reduce noise throughout the entire operating range of the unit, making it perfect for those quiet spaces like a classroom or office space.  
  4. There is no assembly required. What is one of the easiest ways to save time and money in this industry? By eliminating the need for any equipment set up prior to installation and having all additional components preinstalled in the factory. Daikin is making this all too easy!  

Daikin Applied’s new Air Purifier could be a great commercial air filtration solution for your building. Whether you want to improve the indoor air quality and increase building occupant comfort in a school, or a hospital, or in an office, this air purifier delivers great results when it comes to decreasing the risk of airborne infections.  

For any additional questions about Daikin Applied’s new Air Purifier, please reach out to your local Daikin sales rep at Hoffman & Hoffman, Inc.  


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Blog image and source: Daikin Applied 

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