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Ruskin® 2020 Webinar Series

September 22, 2020


One of the best parts about being in the HVAC industry is that, even though it is ALWAYS changing, our manufacturers consistently provide great online training to keep everyone sharp and up to date. Our friends at Ruskin are no exception to this! Ruskin has been on a roll with their 2020 Webinar Series, and we do not want you to miss out. The topics include everything from “Air Control Considerations for COVID 19” to “Damper Selection: Top Picks & More.”

These webinars are every Wednesday at 2PM EDT, with the next one on September 23, 2020 called “Louver Selection & Specification 101.”

Attendees will learn about:

  • Pressure drop vs. Free Area driving specs  
  • Still air vs wind driven rain louvers 
  • Wind driven rain louver overview 
  • Stationary louver application and installation  
  • Specialty louvers  
  • Acoustical louvers 101 (Purpose of products, sound, install, selection) 
  • Penthouse
  • Equipment Screens 
  • LEADS (Louver Engineering and Architectural Design System)

2020 Webinar Schedule



Louver Selection and Spec 101

September 23rd

Life Safety Damper Installation options and Selection Part 1

September 30th

Life Safety Damper Installation options and Selection Part 2

October 7th

Louver Certifications 101

October 14th

Industrial Damper Applications and Selection 

October 21st


Want to go to one of the webinars, but you aren’t available at that time? No problem! Ruskin conveniently places all of their webinars on their YouTube channel and website for you to view whenever you have time.


If you have any additional questions, please contact your local Ruskin sales rep!



A great bonus? You only need to register once to be invited to the complete series. Basically, a dream come true for busy or forgetful minds!


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