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Manufacturer News: Ruskin Offers NEMA 4X Damper Actuator Weather Shield

August 1, 2021

Specifications may sometimes call for damper actuator enclosures rated for weatherproof environments. In some applications, damper actuators provide a critical role in either allowing the commercial HVAC system to bring in outside air to provide appropriate ventilation or keep the damping system closed so that outside air cannot move inside. When the actuator is mounted where exposed to elements, protection can be vital.

Our manufacturing partners are always looking for innovative and practical ways to increase the longevity and the efficiency of your commercial HVAC equipment.  Ruskin noted that actuators are often exposed to the elements and wanted to remove that concern for its RUS Actuator Series.   Additionally, Ruskin knew the importance of National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) accreditation and developed its new product to meet NEMA guidelines. 

rusn4x-sm-main-spot-5624Ruskin is now offering the NEMA 4X Damper Actuator Weather Shield to meet weatherproof specifications for the RUS Series Electric Actuator. The RUSN4X is a durable weather shield constructed of polycarbonate plastic that protects the actuator from corrosion, rain, freezing rain, sleet, and snow. The shield can be mounted indoors or outdoors. One important note, however, is that the weather shield may not prevent externally formed ice from restricting the movement of the rotary shaft.

The cover of the RUSN4X has ultraviolet inhibitors to protect the clear polycarbonate plastic from becoming brittle or damaged by the sun. Users have an unobstructed view of the actuator inside without having to disassemble the shield. Additionally, a form fitting seal protects water or condensate moisture from entering the unit and damaging the actuator.

Take a look at Ruskin’s video here:



For product and submittal date, click here. For the complete Ruskin products line card, click here. If you need any assistance selecting Ruskin damper and actuator products for your building project, connect with your local manufacturer’s representative.

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