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Manufacturer News: New SmartSource® DOAS Water Source Heat Pump

August 3, 2020

In case you missed it, Daikin Applied recently released a new product. The new SmartSource® Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) water source heat pump is ideal for 100% outside air applications. This DOAS system will allow for outside air to go through the HVAC system to improve air quality and proper ventilation through the desired space. Daikin points out that “It provides advanced unit control features for maximum application flexibility, incorporates an impressive array of leading technologies to provide premium performance, achieving up to a 7.1 ISMRE rating that is 66% higher than ASHRAE’s 90.1-2019 minimum efficiency, and is offered at a very attractive price.” All the possible things a building owner could want for an outside air application.


Here are 7 features/benefits of the new SmartSource DOAS WSHP:

  1. Multi-Stage Tandem Scroll Compressors
    • 8 steps of capacity control from 30%-100%
  2. Modulating Hot Gas Reheat Valve
    • Controls discharge air temperature to ±1°
  3. Electronic Expansion Valve
    • Dynamic superheat control increases accuracy of discharge air temperature and provides stable operation
  4. Shaftless Blower with EC Motor
    • Constant or variable air volume with field programmable airflow levels
  5. SmartBoost Heating Technology
    • Aluminum micro-channel coil
    • Dual-functioning coil provides reheat for dehumidification and capacity boost for heating
  6. Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger
    • Asymmetric design for low water pressure drop and higher efficiency
  7. MicroTech Controls
    • Advanced Digital Controls
    • 4-line OLED digital display with keypad
    • Accurate discharge air temperature and humidity control
    • Standard BACnet communication
    • Optional on-board trending

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