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The Benefits of a 7-Day Programmable Thermostat for Rooftop HVAC Units

November 15, 2022

When controlling the temperature in your commercial building, you want the process to be simple and user-friendly. The Price PRTU Rooftop Unit controller gives you the ability to schedule how and when you want your HVAC system to run. After setting your preferred weekly schedule for your system, you can have peace of mind in knowing that your system is working more efficiently. This system also features a built-in motion sensor to help determine when a space is occupied or not.  


Advantage #1: By having a 7-day programmable thermostat, you can increase the efficiency of your system which can lead to money saved on your end. With the motion sensor feature in the Price PRTU Rooftop Unit controller, the system will sense when there are people in different spaces throughout different building zones. Once it determines that a zone is unoccupied, it will automatically raise or lower the temperature for maximum efficiency in the space; the system will use its Night set points, which you can program using the controller. 

Advantage #2: Setting a scheduled “downtime” for your HVAC system can prolong the life of the equipment. If you were to run your system at 100% 24/7, the life expectancy wouldn’t be able to compete with a system that has a programmed energy saver mode. Using the rooftop unit controller and setting a schedule for running your system during normal occupancy hours can dramatically improve the longevity of your HVAC system.  

Advantage #3: You don’t have to use this for all thermostats in the building. Ideally, you should use the 7-day programmable thermostat on the main rooftop unit or air handler, and then have different zoning thermostats throughout the building. The PRTU Rooftop controller gives you the ability to manage the big picture of your building’s airflow needs while allowing occupants to control the smaller picture with their own thermostats in designated zones. 


Something to consider is If you have a larger building, you likely have different zone thermostats, which are more beneficial than having the whole building run off of multiple 7-day programmable thermostats. When you have a 7-day programmable thermostat in multiple zones throughout the building it can lead to problems including an airflow imbalance. 

To learn more about the different features of the Price PRTU Rooftop Unit controller and how you can use the 7-day programmable thermostat in your building, CLICK HERE. 

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Allison Hamilton

Allison Hamilton

Allison Hamilton is the Video & Marketing Coordinator for the Hoffman Family of Companies. She enjoys learning about the HVAC industry and meeting new people along the way.

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