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8 Ways to Lower HVAC Costs and Increase Efficiency with this Chiller

June 2, 2020

According to our manufacturing friends at Daikin Applied, “Over 95% of the time chillers operate in off-design conditions with lower loads or ambient temperatures than the peak design mandates.” Your next commercial HVAC system deserves better. With a wide variety of options and add-ons, the Trailblazer® Air-cooled Scroll Chiller from Daikin Applied will cool your building, while lowering costs and increasing efficiency. Pair it with a Vision® or Skyline® air handler to make it a complete HVAC system for optimum system performance and reliability.


Here are 8 ways the Trailblazer lowers HVAC costs and increases efficiency:

  1. Intelligent Equipment ®
    • Intelligent Equipment by Daikin is the perfect solution for building owners and facilities managers who need to easily view their unit performance. This innovative equipment connects directly to the HVAC unit to monitor energy consumption at the equipment level.
    • The data that the Intelligent Equipment collects has no storage caps and can be viewed from anywhere in the world with any connected device.
  2. Rapid Restore®
    • If power has been interrupted in any way, the Trailblazer chiller will recover to full capacity in under 4 minutes, or from stand-by in less than 2 minutes for select models.

daikin rapid restore

  1. Variety of Designs
    • The Trailblazer is ideal for small to mid-size buildings with sizes from 30 to 240 ton chillers available. This makes it the largest air-cooled scroll chiller with a heat recovery option.
  2. Efficient Operation
    • This scroll chiller meets the performance requirements of ASHRAE Standard 90.1 for efficiency.
    • There is an optional variable speed condenser fan that can be added to provide even higher part load efficiency.
    • High overall efficiency leads to lower annual energy costs.
  3. Noise Reduction
    • Full load sound pressure levels as low as 60 dB without insulation.
    • Add an optional all-VFD fan to lower noise operation.
    • Compressor sounds reduction package for ultra sound-sensitive projects is available.
  4. LEED Points®
    • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points are available with the Trailblazer chillers.
    • Installing and operating the Trailblazer AGZ-E will add building efficiency credit points to criteria for the Optimize Energy Performance qualification.
    • Trailblazer chillers contribute additional points for the Enhanced Refrigerant Management qualification, which is partially determined by tonnage and refrigerant quantity.
  5. Compact Unit Footprint
    • The Trailblazer is ideal for retrofit applications due to the compact unit footprint. This can save installation space and costs.
  6. Optional Additions
    • There are a variety of different options that can be added to the Trailblazer chiller, including controls, electrical and unit options:
        • Remote Evaporator
        • High Efficiency Variable Speed Condenser Fans
        • Remote Interface Panel
        • Pump Package
        • Variable Flow VFD
        • Partial Heat Recovery
        • Low Ambient Control
        • Ground Fault Protection
        • Vibration Isolators
        • And more! The list goes on and on for options added to increase efficiency and lower costs.
  • unit with base guardsFor any additional questions about your next commercial HVAC system and the the Daikin Applied Trailblazer Air-cooled Scroll Chiller, contact your local Hoffman & Hoffman salesperson!

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Image and blog source: Daikin Applied

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