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How Can HVAC Monitoring Help Reduce Costs and Save Time?

September 9, 2020

With industry-leading technology, Daikin Applied continues to make life easier for building owners, facilities managers, service technicians and service managers. Daikin’s HVAC monitoring technology can monitor your commercial HVAC system on any connected device, no matter where you are. This means that no matter what you’re doing or where you are in the world, you will have everything you need to manage energy consumption, optimize equipment performance, and reduce maintenance costs to ensure the lowest total cost of ownership, all at your fingertips.  

This technology is also incredibly convenient for faster commissioning and start-ups with preconfigured controls for each individual application. By remotely managing and diagnosing the HVAC equipment and having a running history of all service performed on each unit, the usual time-consuming troubleshooting process is drastically reduced, saving time and money.  

Here are three of Daikin’s HVAC Monitoring and Control Systems that help to reduce costs and save loads of time 

INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT®- HVAC Monitoring for Dedicated Units  

  • Remote Monitoring of HVAC EquipmentFor less than it costs to run your smart phone, Intelligent Equipment provides direct access to 150 data points on a Daikin rooftop unit or air-cooled chiller, all in real time. 
  • Unprecedented visibility to improve your HVAC system 
  • Data and insights to help you dmore with less 
  • Freedom and Control: You have complete access to the data, and control over who uses it; there is even a technician dashboard available through secure, role-based access. 

Controls for HVAC

INTELLIGENT SYSTEM® - HVAC Monitoring for Systems 

  • Remote Monitoring of HVAC Systems: Daikin's Intelligent Systems seamlessly blend the power of your HVAC equipment with more intuitive and easy-to-use building controls that help you achieve even higher performance and efficiency. 
  • Remote monitoring that simplifies your work 
  • Average higher efficiencies and performance 
  • Plug-and-Play Installation: Its plug-and-play installation outpaces the complexity of large BAS. 


MICROTECH® Unit Controllers – Factory-installed DDC Controls 

  • HVAC Controls: Daikin controls offer flexibility and simplicity through reduced start-up and commissioning time, easy-to-learn operator panels, and the ability to upgrade communication modules as your BAS system is upgraded or expanded. 
  • Open Choices® 
  • Reduced Start-Up and Commissioning Time: Reduce start-up and commissioning times with easy-to-learn operator panels and the ability to upgrade communication modules as your BAS system is upgraded or expanded. 
  • BACnet, LonWorks, Modbus 

HVAC Controls

So, don’t keep putting it off! Save time and money with Daikin Applied’s Remote Monitoring and Controls. This is the latest and greatest technology that will have your HVAC equipment running at peak performance at the lowest operating costs.  

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Blog and image source: Daikin Applied 


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